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Child incontinence | Incontinence products for children

Children, who wet their pants but otherwise expected to be dry is a well known problem. It still seems, however, to be a subject filled with embarrassment and taboo – and it is something, that the child as well as the parent is anxious about. For all in the world the child does not want to stand out from the crowd and certainly not due to wet pants. The parents may worry about whether the child is lazy, has psychological issues, physical problems or something completely different. In any case an uncontrollable bladder can impair your child’s quality of life. The way forward concerning children and incontinence is to establish exactly what goes wrong for your child, and then help, support and follow the advice and guidelines that exists about children and incontinence. In any circumstance it is important to get in touch with your General Practitioner, who will examine your child and help you deal with your child’s incontinence. DRY & COOL’s focus is on “daytime wetting”; children who have problems staying dry during the day.

Source: Child incontinence | Incontinence products for children

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